Big Love 
Or is it pure loving acceptance of everything and everyone living upon our planet Gaia.

What does it mean?

Arohanui is a Māori word and, as with many Polynesian words, there is no direct meaning or translation into English. The literal meaning is "BIG LOVE".

It appears to me that this "Arohanui" (or big love) is beyond a person, beyond a family and even a community or race. It could be all-encompassing of the earth; it's people, animals, plants, our oceans and our universe plus everything within and beyond. Possibly interrelationships between all that is.... So that gets awe-inspiring.


I have chosen to use this website to promote some people, concepts and products that encompass "Arohanui" as I understand it, and to promote people who are passionate about "Arohanui".  They may not have reached their goals yet... But we can assist in their pursuit of those goals!

Currently based Nelson/ Motueka/ Tasman region New Zealand. Loving global connections added to daily.