Ormus Plant & Soil Conditioner

Every mineral and trace element available on earth at some stage ends up in our oceans. “Ormus Plant” is sourced from our oceans; some tens or hundreds of million years old. These minerals and trace elements are alchemically altered into monatomic format allowing easier access by plants and enhanced benefit to soil and microbial biomass.

Ormus Users Report

Improved yield and nutritional value.

Better drought tolerance and recovery after harvest.

Increased frost tolerance.

Ormus does not replace fertiliser but we believe soil nutrients will unbind and become available to plants which will reduce amounts required. Support with vortex water enhancement offers further benefits. See here 

Arohanui Elements are based in Nelson, Motueka and Tasman Region (New Zealand). Many of the ingredients included are sourced locally and as we research further we expect to expand local content. Organic only suppliers are always our goal. We hope you enjoy our “Arohanui Elements” products and look forward to your feedback.