“Arohanui Elements” brings together mega million-year-old earth elements with alchemy practised for thousands of years by many empires, religions and past civilisations into our lives today. Reintroducing these Ormus elements into our health regime has the potential to improve our lives and connection with the realms wishing to gift us a better life and extended lifetime.


The Ormus we create at “Arohanui Elements” is sourced mainly from ocean water; or reconstituted with source product from the Dead Sea, Himalayan Salts and other pristine sources from around the globe. Dead Sea ancient ocean salts hold 35+ minerals and trace elements; some of which are not found in any other global source. Himalayan Crystal Salts number 84 trace minerals. Our Trinity Blend introduces elements from another ancient pure source. 

The Wet Method of Ormus extraction we use transforms the state of these minerals and trace elements into a form more easily assimilated by our body. Our concentrate of the special elements abundant in ocean water has exciting potential in improving the soil, increasing crop yields, assisting human and animal health. 

We are New Zealand only suppliers, we recommend Dave and Rikki Kane and their products; we applaud their knowledge and dedication to promoting awareness of Ormus products and suggest you contact them for outside New Zealand purchases.

What is Ormus and how does it work?


Every evolved ancient civilisation makes a reference to Ormus; they named it Manna, the Holy Grail, Fire of Life, Philosophers Stone or Bread of Life. Ormus, also known as Ormes, Manna or Monatomic / M State elements,  are a critical component of our own healthy atomic structure. Ormus allows for communication renewal between our cellular structures that may have been corrupted through the environment, pollution, fake food, our belief patterns and exposure to excessive electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). A defective cell will continue to reproduce in the same manner unless change is made.  Ormus can reawaken the memory and communication connection to our original DNA structure when we were younger.

Aloe Vera and similar plants grown in their natural volcanic habitat hold significant amounts of Ormus material. Sadly, today's commercially-grown crops are raised on soils totally depleted of the mineral elements required to provide us with the life-enhancing Ormus required to sustain optimum health. Add the nitrogen-rich fertiliser, pesticides and herbicides used to produce crops and food unsustainably and you have a recipe for disaster in our health statistics. The technology-driven world we live in strips us of these critically important monatomic elements through ongoing exposure to electromagnetic frequency (EMF) in our homes, workplaces and environment.

Ormus elements are atoms in an orbitally rearranged, monatomic state. Ormus appears to be a fifth state of matter–solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and ormus. To date, at least forty-four elements, from hydrogen to potassium to gold, have been observed in the ormic state.

Ormic elements are monatomic, not part of chemical compounds. They have unusual properties.

Five percent of the dry weight of the human brain and nervous system are composed of ormic elements (and perhaps five percent of everything else as well). Ormic elements are essential to the structure and function of all living things.

We are Nelson based, New Zealand only suppliers of Ormic based products. We support Dave & Riki's mantra of "Making viable people more viable"

This additional content is from Dave and Riki Kane. Further detail is available on the Humanna Gold website. 


Arohanui Elements"

Magnesium Oil Plus +

with Ormus &  Seed Oils 

This topical blend is 40% magnesium oil (we believe the best available globally), the recommended dose giving  a minimum of 150mg units elemental magnesium per day.  This blend incorporates 50% Ormus (further magnesium and much more) plus an oil blend including grape seed, hemp seed, almond and often apricot kernel oils and others. Limited editions include Hops. Some Nelson, Riwaka or Moutere Hops from the Nelson and Tasman  regions of New Zealand.


High elemental magnesium with another 60+ beneficial minerals and trace elements, helping to enhance the overall health of every cell in our body.​  The elements and minerals in this blend allow cellular repair and rejuvenation by reopening communication between ourselves and our molecular structure, returning our DNA structure to a less corrupted state.

100ml bottle $35 or 3 for $80 (Save $25) $NZD + Shipping

Ormus Users Report


Joint mobility improved, pain reduced. Fast growing and stronger fingernails. Hair growth, strength and body noticeably enhanced. 


Increased number of dreams, increased clarity and reality enhanced. More easily recalled.


Gentle purging of the digestive system, toxin release and more balanced bowel comfort. 


Skin issues come to surface for release. Skin tags disappear and old skin issues dissipate.


Old uncleared  emotional issues may arise but are more easily released.


Old injuries and challenges may resurface but are released to provide total, true recovery and system reset. 


Inter cellular communication reset, reopened and enhanced. Allowing cell renewal to be generated without past trauma corruption.

Arohanui Elements are based in Nelson, Motueka and Tasman Region (New Zealand). Many of the ingredients included are sourced locally and as we research further we expect to expand local content. Organic only suppliers are always our goal. We hope you enjoy our “Arohanui Elements” products and look forward to your feedback.

Storage Instructions. Always keep “Ormus products” packed in aluminium foil or tins; well away from EMF emitting devices. This includes things like clock radios, cordless phones, cell phones, computers, bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, electric burners, wireless networks, electronic appliances, mains power boards, smart meters and high voltage power lines plus so much more. Audio speakers have large magnets. These and EMF will reduce the power and effectiveness of Ormus products.